Net Asset Value is defined as the market value of all assets in the fund less liabilities. NAV is generally declared on per unit basis, dividing the total Net Asset Value by the outstanding number of units of the fund.

Latest NAV

Fund Name NAV as on NAV at Cost Price Per Unit NAV at Market Price Per Unit Total NAV at Cost Price Total NAV at Market Price Sales Price Per Unit Repurchase/Surrender Price Per Unit
EBL AML 1st Unit Fund 2022-12-01 TK. 11.31 TK. 10.33 TK. 200,998,708.00 TK. 183,683,429.00 TK. 10.33 TK. 10.33


The Investor’s Buy Price and Investor’s Sale Price will remain valid for December 04, 2022 to December 07, 2022.

Historical NAV